Assessment Literacy: A new concept


Pupils In Class Using Digital Tablet With Teacher

Pupils In Class Using Digital Tablet With Teacher

Hey, everybody!

Welcome to my very first post!

Today I want to talk about an interesting topic, which is faced by teachers every single day – assessment.

“Are you assessment literate?” That was the first question my teacher, Evânia, asked my colleagues and I in our first day of class. What do you think? Are you?

If you are not sure about what an assessment literate teacher is, do not worry! Just keep on reading my post. You will find out that its concept is simpler than you thought.

Assessment Literacy

Do you know what is funny about assessment literacy?

The funny thing about it is that this is another important concept for you to remember. Another one? Yes, you’re right! I know the feeling.

When we start taking teacher development courses and when we are in an education program at a university, it is so scaring how new words, terms, concepts, theories and so many others just start being part of our lives without our notice. When we realize them, they are all there. Sometimes we think it’s impossible. But you know what? WE GET USED TO IT.

Now talking about the main topic, you may already know that assessment takes an important role in our teaching world. It not only affects our teaching, but also our students’ learning. The thing is: how do you feel when you have to talk about assessment? For some teachers, the assessment topic is a kind of nightmare.

The good news is that I am here to share with you that it does not have to be a nightmare. It can also be the best of your dreams.

According to Dawn Rogier (2014) in order for you to be considered an assessment literate teacher, the first step you will have to take is: know more about its key concepts. Then, you will start to understand how they change the way we teach and the way our students learn. In addition to that, you will also be able to undersntand the decisions we make because of its usage and so on.

You see? It is not that difficult. So, to sum it up, I would say that for you to be an assessment literate teacher, you need to know the key concepts and theories regarding assessment.

Now, what do you think? Are you an assessment literate teacher? If you are not, that is ok. I was not either. However, we can always improve the way we teach so that our students can learn better. Being knowledgable about assessment will help you in a number of different ways in the classroom and in other different settings too.

I will be writing more about assessment in this blog, so if you liked my first post, stay tuned! There is a lot to come. 🙂


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  1. Hi, Erivelton
    I am so glad to know you are taking advantage of the course and that you will be able to apply the knowledge gained to make correct decisions in your classes.
    Congratulations on your blog an keep sharing your discoveries with all of us!

    Best regards,

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